• Sonia Panesar

Back from Mat Leave!


So...6 months on and I am finally ready to return to my musical career.

Currently fitting in Vocal Riaz in as many seconds, minutes, hours and days as I can around baby changing, feeding, bathing, school run, homework, cleaning, cooking etc just to get those vocal cords really warmed up and ready to take the next flight!

Whats next for Sonia P?

Well, now that the website has been revamped, I am back to the exciting yet tedious planning prepping and fine-tuning stages of the next few singles due to release later this year with my producer Phat Kat.

I'm looking forward to going back out on the live circuit, showcasing more of my creative works both onstage and online, collaborating with artists and meeting so many more of you lovely people!

Can't wait for you all to experience the next phase of my music journey!

Signing off with a quote from moi!

"Noone can make it happen but you. Go on and take the first step."

Rab Rakha

Sonia Panesar :)


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