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My Musical Note

Dear SP Blog Readers,

Today I felt the urge to share my thoughts with you all about the Value of Music...

I've been in the industry for several years now and one of the most recurring themes is 'money'..I am writing this as I think so please excuse my scrambled thought process!

Fact: It is in almost everyone's nature to want things cheaper than whats on the price tag.

Some things can be discounted and still hold value but in my opinion an artist's creativity is so valuable it is beyond priceless.

I read somewhere a few days ago "Musicians paint pictures on silence" Imagine that! Every soundwave created by a musician's instrument, be it a guitar, a piano a drum or even a voice (yes that is an instrument too), each one of these instruments when played/used is a brushstroke on that blank canvas. As more soundwaves are created, layered and combined, together they form into a beautiful picture that tells a story of emotions felt..And emotions are difficult to paint and sometmes even difficult to describe in words but to see/hear it through music is simply outstanding.

Fact: So many artists perform for free or next to nothing.

Fact: A long time ago in an ancient world, to be a musician/singer was beneath the academics.

It has always been encouraged to become a doctor/accountant/lawyer etc because it brought home more money or was a secure future for generations to come.

"why do you want become a singer? You can do that in the bathroom/bedroom!"

Fact: Today, so many young people turn to music - a blank space in which they can evolve, be themselves, be free, be creative, be devoted, be inspired and be motivated. Some use it as a hobby and some a career.

As a mother, I have encouraged music to my children - it is therapeautic, it gives them confidence, it can be simple and it helps them to learn and develop in so many ways.

As a singer/songwriter, I have performed for free or next to nothing on so many occassions because I wanted to share my musical world with everyone that cared to listen.

Questions you may ask...

Do I regret this?

No - it was my choice.

How did I feel after performing for free?

Joy, satisfaction that others listenned and enjoyed my musical creations and that I was given an opportunity to share my music with others and so much more.

How about the times that I have been paid for performing?

Joy, satisfaction that others listenned and enjoyed my musical creations and that I was given an opportunity to share my music with others and so much more.

Above all I felt more valued as an artist - that my songs/musical works were worth something, gave me more confidence, more motivation to do more for my followers...

Money isnt everything. But appreciating the time, effort and creativity that every musician/artist puts in to deliver what you hear/see is vital.

Everything we do takes time, we don't just press PLAY.

Some of you will read this and think nothing and some of you will have absorbed something, but if the above doesn't make sense, here are a few things to think about...

The price of a coffee in Starbucks/Costa is approx £2-£3, and so many of us buy at least 1 everyday or every week and yet a song that costs 79p seems a difficult purchase.

Where do you listen to Music? How often do you listen to music? How many places do you hear music? How do those songs make you feel? How would you feel if you went 24hours without music? Is it possible? Maybe - Maybe not.

The thing is..

Music is everywhere and its all around us.

Life isnt life without music.

Music tells what is untold.

Music heals.

Music inspires.

Music connects us all.

Music is an individual experience... a journey.

When there is nothing, there is music.

I guess what I am asking you to do time you book an vocalist/musician/producer/dj/band, THINK very carefully before asking for a discount.

Booking a band means hours of listenning and learning time individually and together through rehearsals, funding equipment, servicing equipment, outfits/attire, coordination of musicians, admin and so much more before they even turn up to your event!

Understand, Appreciate and value music for what it is.

Some artists are in it for the money and some not.

Some artists will be offended if asked for a discount, some not.

Some will happily perform for free and some not.

Every musician/artist is in music for their own reasons.

To the public...Understand what 'not paying' or 'not appreciating' an artist does to them.

To all artists and musicians...Understand that money is not always necessary and know what you are getting yourself into before you begin your journey in music.

How do you value Music?

The above are my thoughts today on this topic and not a complaint or argument to any authorities please do not take any of the above personaly.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Rab Rakha

Sonia Panesar x

Today's blog comes after a sad announcement that's creative genius PhatKat decides to end his music career as a music producer today. I am lost for words but want to express my heartfelt gratitude to PhatKat for being an outstanding music producer and mentor. Thank you for everything...


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