Introducing Team Sur Sangeet...
The perfect way to kick start your wedding celebrations, bringing family and friends together with an evening of live entertainment, combining the traditional and renowned vocals of Sonia Panesar and Vinni Virdee collaborating with the energy and excitement of rhythmist Bobby Panesar and guitarist Dhani.
Your Sangeet night is the key moment to the build up of your wedding and what better way to allow a team dedicated to music to take your event to stellar heights.  The sole purpose of Team Sur Sangeet is to maintain the essential traditions through live music with a modernised contemporary twist.  The Team take you on a journey from the Golden Era of Punjab, performing wedding folk songs sung by Surinder Kaur, Prakash Kaur, Mussarat Nazir, Chitra Singh, Noor jehan bringing you to the current dancefloor filler Boliyan...
Your Sangeet night is incomplete without Team Sur Sangeet.
From Jan 2018...Introducing LOHRI by Team Sur Sangeet!
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